Miot „Y” Fest ur. 08.12.2019

Hodowca: Julita Rygier

Your Forever Love (pręgowane)  
You Only Live Once (śniade)  
You Know Who (pręgowane)  
You Drive Me Crazy (śniade)  

You Got Lucky (śniade)  
You Are Welcome (pręgowana)  
Your Highness (śniada)  
You Must Be Mine (pręgowana)  

Wonderland Lord Dasher of PlumTwinroc Telltail Here Come the Red CoatsTelltail King's Ransom
Twinroc Telltail Legally Blonde
Coedwig's Plum Kinda WonderfulCoedwig's Winbuck Firefly
Coedwig's Eye Candy
Corgi na Volge Russian RiverCarddicted Made in SwedenCarddicted Journeyman
Cardigarden's Janice Jolly Up
Trafox Sweet CarolinaCheysuli's Tri To Remember
Yardican Iwin